Motivating frustrated team member

This time I will present the strategy that I have followed in the past to motivate the frustrated team member. It is not an easy task to accomplish. But nothing is impossible.


First and foremost thing is to communicate the news (that the team member looks frustrated) to the team member. Lot of time it is hard to communicate this bad news. But hiding the problem from the team member will not solve the problem but in reality it will worsen the problem. Clearly tell the current situation on the face. Sometimes the team member doesn’t even know his current status.

 One on One meeting

It is easy to talk and give lot of advice but it is hard to sit and listen. Again if you want to get the team member out of frustration, listen to his side of the story. A few important things to follow while doing this


¨     Allocate half an hour in each work week and talk to the team member

¨     Try to listen to the team member with out interrupting his thought flow

¨     Don’t justify anything

¨     Be open to the team member’s suggestion

¨     The meeting should be time bound

¨     There should be clear cut action path decided for both the manager and the team member.


In my personal opinion the major factor for frustration is low respect from fellow team members. Try to help the team member in finding out why the other team members are feeling that way. Don’t give general feedback like “You are not punctual” “You are not dedicated” etc., instead give specific scenarios like “You delayed the delivery of this package which in turn delayed person X delivery” “You were not showing enough interest in getting this Y job done on time”. And also detail regarding what was expected out of the team member in those scenarios.


This is the most important one. Every team member wants to prove that he/she is of value to the project and will show some visible changes on doing the about steps. It is the responsibly of the leader to identify the changes and appreciate if the team member is heading in the right direction. Appreciating a team member at the right time can work wonders. 


Once you feel that the team member is out of the frustration don’t give up and act like nothing happened. Try to continue the one on one meeting but with a longer time intervals. Also make the team member feel confident. Allocate more responsibilities and empower the team member.


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