FUD or TRUST in team management..

Last time I promised that I will write further regarding team management. When I became a manager for a small team of 6. It was a new experience. Suddenly I am responsible for a set of individual contributors whom I cannot completely control. And first things that came to my mind was FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt).


That the team member is not doing what I intend but doing something else for eg browsing the web.


That the team member will not complete the task in the allocated time and because of that all my planning and scheduling is going to go for a toss.


Whether the team member is really spending time in doing the job or is just acting in front of me.

But luckily before becoming a manager I worked as an individual contributor under 2 nice managers Unnikrishnan and Ansuman who taught an important lesson.

That lesson was a manager should trust his team. A manager should never think his team member would cheat him.

It is true that out of a 6 member team 2 may get distracted to other things. But for the sake of those 2 if the manager starts to doubt all the other 4 definitely the team will act as per the manager’s perception. So when the manager is not around they would sit and browse. And act like working in front of him. 

In my own experience I have seen that each member in the team expects respect from his other colleagues and his manager. And if he comes to know that his manager trusts him it works wonders. He may be browsing in front of the manager that is not really important but when the manager is not around he will do the work which is very important. This way a manager need not do any micromanagement.

So the first lesson that I learned was to get rid of the FUD and have TRUST in my own team.

– Ferose


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