Becoming a programmer

During my higher-secondary education in our school there was a computer lab. There was a course conducted on basic programming. When I joined I thought it was basics of programming. But later I came to know that basic (Beginner all purpose symbolic instruction code) is a programming language.


That was the first programming language that I learned. It was really easy to program the computer using basic. Even now I feel basic is the best language to start ones programming career. I learned about variables, strings, loops, control statements, graphics(Yes it was lot easy) etc., But that is not important as far as this post is considered. what is the story behind I becoming a programmer?

During that period or even now there are people around who would solve your problem but wouldn’t explain what he did to solve the problem. One such incident happened in my life too (That was something like a turning point in my life). I was a young programmer at that time (1992). I never knew anything about hard disk files etc. My whole computer experience starts inserting the 51/2 inch gwbasic floppy. And once I type gwbasic the interpreter comes up. I think F3 loaded the saved program and F4 saved the program to the disk. One day somebody forgot to logout Novell netware session. I went to that machine as per the routine, entered my gwbasic floppy and saved the program into his account. Next day when I came I couldn’t find my program. So I asked the operator to help me out. He came and entered some command. Most probably it should be “dir P*.bas”. And told me that the program got deleted. I was curious to know what he gave at the command prompt. Because I thought all anyone can enter in that prompt was gwbasic. But he replied to me that they are advanced DOS commands. In spite of asking several times he refused to give any clue. That day I made up my mind that I would became a programmer in future.

Through out my career I made up my mind that I would always explain how I solved problem.