Introduction to computer

I though of writing my first post on how I became a programmer. But thought it would be better if I start from the beginning. So let me tell you how I got introduced to this nice machine called Computer.

The first time I saw a computer in real was when I was at school studying my class 8. The whole class was taken to the computer lab.Even though we used to go to all our other labs (Physics, Chemistry and Biology) nobody had visited a computer lab before. When we reached the lab first thing was we all were asked to remove our shoes (As if we were entering some sacred temple). The lab itself was fully air conditioned. All the programmers( or operators) looked so serious, like working at a high-end research lab. We could hear only the sound of the mechanical keyboard. The whole place was so calm. The guide( one of our own teacher ) showed us the computer (monitor + keyboard + mouse?). Most probably it was running our MS DOS OS. At that time we never imagined that we all would have a personal computer of our own. I never thought that I would write lot of program in the future. After that visit each one of us started narrating all possible things about a computer ( Thanks to all the movies ). For us it was like a genie that can solve any kind of problem given to it. Next time I will write how I became a programmer.